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Can a girl ever get too many beauty tips? That’s like asking if a girl can ever have too much makeup… absolutely not!  As many of you already know, I had the incredible opportunity working in beauty PR this summer. Now, I am SO excited to step over to lifestyle and design PR, but wanted to round up some of my favorite beauty advice for you, first! I could go on and on about all of the professional takeaways I gained from working with such a talented team in an amazing work culture, but let’s be real, unless you work in PR/marketing, you are here for the beauty tips! 😉 And I have PLENTY of them for you!

Sidenote: If you do work in PR/marketing and want to hear about how amazing this professional experience was, leave a comment below and I’d love to connect and talk to you more!

Working in beauty PR, you are constantly surrounded by the latest and greatest products, amazing style teams, and endless of beauty tips. Plus, my passion for beauty definitely encouraged me to pick the brains of basically anyone I could for even more tips. I learned so much from all the beauty experts I met and I cannot wait to share some of my favorite tips with you this week and my favorite products I’ve discovered with you next week! Let’s get started with the tips!

Best Beauty Tips


  • I asked an incredibly talented makeup artist what his number one beauty tip was, he quickly responded, “Brows.” I of course followed up with, “What do you mean brows?” He said that we often see beauty as symmetry and filling in your brows creates a strong balance of your face. Off I go to work on my brows!
  • The denser the brush, the heavier the application. This might seem like one of those “duh” tips, but it helps to think this through when applying your makeup. If you are going for an airbrushed look with your foundation, I’d suggest starting with your favorite liquid foundation and then use a powder brush that is much denser to apply your powder foundation on top. I LOVE this brush for a full-coverage look. If you want more of a natural foundation look, use a powder brush that is fluffier, like this one. This trick also helps when applying things like highlighter, blush and bronzer. For example, if you have a really pigmented blush, use a fluffier brush to avoid too strong of an application. Or, if you have a highlighter that is really light, use a denser (but not too dense, less is more with highlighter) brush to give a stronger application.
  • You can always build up with powders. Start with a light hand and be patient with your application.
  • Clean your brushes regularly! Use a tiny bit of facial cleanser that has anti-bacterial properties. I try to clean my brushes once a week.
  • Purple and mauve eyeshadows are not scary. I am really not sure what drove me to dip my eyeshadow brush into the deep purple one morning, but I am so glad I did! I had heard that toned down purple and mauve hues could look gorgeous on your eyelids, and they totally do. Just remember – less is more! I love using a tiny dab of a deep purple on my crease. It has a very natural look if you are subtle with the color.
  • Speaking of eyeshadow, to give yourself a really cohesive look, try placing some bronzer or blush on your eyelids. It speeds up your makeup process and gives you a really put-together look. Courtney of BYO Beauty does this FLAWLESSLY! Definitely recommend checking out her Instagram.
  • Beauty vloggers rock and they seriously know what they are talking about! I had the amazing opportunity to meet Melisa Michelle and she is the sweetest thing and so knowledgable!
  • Exfoliate your lips often! Exfoliating your lips is the best way to get a clean canvas for your lipstick.


  • If you use a Clarisonic, don’t use it on top of breakouts. I never knew this tip until talking with an aesthetician. My first instinct was to scrub and clean it away, but using your Clariosnic on top of breakouts can aggravate it more. Instead, use your Clarisonic to prevent breakouts by using it regularly to clean out your pores. If you have a pimple, use your Clarisonic on the area around it, avoiding the blemish.
  • K-Beauty is amazing. You can find some of the most unique and innovative products in this category and K-Beauty has a huge focus on using natural ingredients, which I love! Who wants to slather chemicals all over their face?
  • When looking for a toner (which, do look for one! They make a big difference!), read the ingredient list and avoid toners with alcohol listed in them. This will dry out your skin.
  • Be gentle on your skin. Whenever you can, use products with natural ingredients.
  • Wear sunscreen! Seriously! Sunscreen makes such a huge difference and you will thank yourself later. Plus, there are so many amazing foundations and tinted moisturizers with sunscreen already in them, like this one which has NINE-THOUSAND reviews. 9,000.


  • If you are having trouble getting volume and curls to last, try holding the hairspray bottle below your hair and spray up.  This helps to keep volume in your curls by not weighing your roots down.
  • Higher-end shampoo and conditioner are worth the money. As much as I wish it weren’t true and I could stick with my $5 grocery store fix, I switched to some AG products (which I will talk about more next week) and it has made such a significant impact! If you buy your shampoo and conditioner in larger sizes when they are on sale, it doesn’t even cost you that much more, either! To me, it is worth the extra couple of dollars and I end up spending less money on additional products.
  • Embrace and understand your hair type! If you look at a picture of someone and say you want your hair to look like hers, you could spend all the money in the world on hair products, but if you don’t have the same hair type, it won’t ever look like hers. Love your hair and find products that work for YOU, not the girl in the picture.

I definitely learned so many beauty tips this summer, but the number one tip I learned is to have fun and join the beauty discussion! If you are wanting to learn more about beauty tips and tricks, always be open to asking for help. Whether you are asking the experts or just starting up the conversation with your friends about their routines, you can always learn more. I had so much fun immersing myself into the beauty discussion this summer!

UP NEXT: Best Beauty Products I Discovered While Working in Beauty PR. I am so excited to share with you my favorite products I found after learning from the experts and testing out so much this summer. Get the post sent right to your inbox by signing up for emails to the right of this post in the sidebar. Can’t wait to share with you next week! XO

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  1. This post has a lot of great pieces of advice. I always contour my eyebrows when I get out of the house. I don’t do it for the reason that make-up artist gave you. I do it because they are blons and in strong day light it looks like I have no eyebrows. :)))) Blond problems.

  2. Thank you so much for all the great tips that you have provided here on how to do your makeup more effectively! My wife is always talking about how she spends most of her time in the morning putting makeup on for the day, and so I want to be able to help her enjoy her mornings more leisurely. One thing that I think could help her is that if you get a denser brush, you can apply more makeup. Maybe I will look into getting her a denser brush so that she can avoid too strong of an application, just like you said. Thanks again!

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