People always say that you can learn a lot about someone by what he or she laughs at. Shoutout to Tina Fey for going so far as to say laughter even determines how smart you are (so watch out for what you’re laughing at). Just like laughter, learning about who people admire can tell you so much about a person. It is such a genuine way of sharing who you are rather than simply trying to describe yourself. Sharing who you admire opens yourself up to sharing where you are at and where you want to be. How many times have you been told to surround yourself with people who inspire you? (Or in this post’s case, surround yourself with some Insta inspiration!) So in an effort to shape my own blogger profile, I am sharing a bit about who I admire in the blogger world!

Here is my list of blogger crushes and sites that are absolute must-reads! From bloggers who are just beginning to bloggers that do this for a living, you will find a wide variety of experience and number of followers, but all of these women have some serious blogging talent!

Chronicles of Frivolity: Katey

Chronicles of Frivolity was my first blogger crush. I fell in love with Katey and her writing a while back when I first started admiring the fashion blogging world and my love for her site has only grown stronger. She has one of the most gorgeous Instagram accounts you could possibly imagine, there is never a time her outfits don’t look perfectly put together, and she kills the accessory game. But the best part of her blog is her genuine voice you can hear in every single post.

The Darling Detail: Jessi

The Darling Detail is another blog I have been following for a while and I never get sick of Jessi’s styles! She has such a consistent look to all of her outfits, yet I could look through all of her outfits forever. She has that kind of consistent style that when you see an outfit you might start to think, “That’s totally a Darling Detail look.” Her website design is also fantastic and so different from a lot of other fashion blogs!

The Styled Press: Taylor

The Styled Press is my Midwestern style go-to blog! Her classic and simple looks are perfect for casual days to dress-up evenings. She gives you the perfect amount of vest and scarf inspirations; being a Minnesota girl, she’s a pro at looking cute while bundling up. Taylor only started her blog a year ago and it already looks like a well-established blog. Her close-to-7,000 Instagram followers in one year certainly speaks to her lovability.

Livvy Land: Olivia

Olivia is the queen of flatlays and layering! After taking one look Livvy Land, I swear you will want to grab every cardigan you have and start testing out laying combos. I love Olivia’s sweet and feminine looks and they are so practical for daily life.

Lonestar Southern: Kate

Lonestar Southern‘s style is the epitome of classy, sweet, southern looks. Her Insta posts always have perfect pops of color and she seriously inspires me to get myself to a Soul Cycle class. Not to mention, I could watch Lonestar Southern Youtube and Instagram videos all day long. She is the reason I long to move to some southern town so hopefully I can pick up the usage of “y’all.”

Southern Curls & Pearls: Caitlin

Southern Curls & Pearls is a very well-established blog, and you can definitely tell. Caitlin is a pro at everything she does, and her half-a-million Instagram followers attest to that. Her photography is incredible and her Instagram is drool-worthy. One of my favorite parts about Caitlin’s blog is that she often takes the same stand-out items and styles them in so many different ways, which is so practical for those of us who live in tiny apartments/dorms and don’t have closets the size of master bedrooms (I wish, though…).

Hello Fashion Blog: Christine

Fashion goals. Travel goals. Relationship goals. Everything goals. Hello Fashion is another really well-established blog, so well-established that Christine started a clothing like too (ILY Couture). She styles the cutest outfits, and even created a men’s style section on her blog with her husband (which is completely adorable!). Now you have a reason to show your boyfriend a fashion blog!

The Pink Diary: Sharon 

The Pink Diary is the epitome of killer flat lays and scattered minimalism! Every time I look at her Instagram, I am inspired. I absolutely love how she styles her always-neutral wardrobe in ways that are so intriguing and fun!


It’s hard to stop here, but I am going to limit myself for this post! I am constantly falling in love with new bloggers and always on the lookout for a some more inspiration and new blog to follow! Who are your favorite bloggers? Comment below– I would LOVE to go check it out! Thanks for reading!



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  1. This was so incredibly sweet, Kylie!! Such a day maker. I am honored to be grouped with these amazing blogger ladies. 🙂 So exciting to see that you are just beginning your blogging journey – it’s a lot of work, but it’s so much fun, and incredibly rewarding!

    xx, Taylor |

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