Budget-Friendly Summer Hats, Shoes, Sunglasses and Bags

Summer Accessories

Floppy hats, sunnies, and sandals– the true signs of summer! Shopping around for these accessories feels like a vacation in itself, am I right? Like the rest of Instagram, I am totally loving the embroidered floppy hats! And do we ever not love sunnies and comfy slip-on shoes? Take advantage of the summer months and wear these wonders to the fullest. Check out my latest roundup below with the best of budget-friendly pieces in each category!

Floppy Hats


Cannot get enough of these cute hats! Can I have them all?


I lose sunglasses WAY too fast to ever invest in an expensive pair, but don’t these budget-friendly versions still look expensive? I love them!


I am such a big fan of easy, simple sandals! These ones from Old Navy are my absolute favorite! I have them in three colors and I could rave about them forever! They are so cute and SO comfortable. Seriously, on days where I know there will be lots of walking, but I still want to look put-together, I immediately grab these! They are also so easy to bring with you in a bag– I can’t tell you how many times they have saved the day when my first pair of shoes just aren’t working out!


I don’t think a girl can ever have too many tote bags! How cute are all of these?

Order your favs, grab a magazine, and relax! Happy summer, ladies!

Budget-Friendly Summer Accessories

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