Hi pretty people! Fall is definitely here and in full swing (about time, right?). Today, I wanted to roundup my favorite fall trends and share some of the cutest finds of each for a little inspiration. This post is a lengthy,  but all-encompassing, one with lots of options, so I’ll get right to it!


Fall Trends: Satin

One | Two | Three | Four

SATIN! Can’t get enough of it! I am loving this gorgeous and ultra-chic trend this fall. How stunning is that burgundy dress? It’s so surprisingly versatile and has so much character. It would be perfect for fall weddings, date nights, or even work – and how many dresses can you say work for all of those events?! I am also loving that gorgeous satin henley and think it would look beautiful under an oversized sweater. It’s also 35% off right now!

Over the Knee Boots

Fall Trends: Over the Knee Boots

One | Two | Three | Four

Over the knee boots are a blessing because they make your legs look so. crazy. long! All of the boots above are screaming good deals. Currently deciding which one(s) I’ll be ordering as I type this…


Fall Trends: Pleats

One | Two | Three

I have to admit, pleats are one of those trends that I hated when it first began… But, things change, right?! I love how pleats can add a little glamour to any look. I am so excited to wear pleats all fall, but especially excited to break it out with a little sparkle around the holiday season too. Like that jumpsuit?! New Year’s Eve outfit: check!)


Fall Trends: Velvet







One | Two | Three | Four

Velvet is just too fun not to incorporate into your look every now and then. I’m so obsessed with that adorable mini skirt – the color is just so rich and stunning. And if you’re going to have some fun with velvet, you might as well throw in some cheetah print too right?! Those cute shoes are just $35, and you know Old Navy – a coupon code will come!


Fall Trends: Ruffles

One | Two | Three | Four

Couldn’t get enough ruffles this summer, and still can’t get enough of them this fall! From dresses to blouses to even pants (how cute are those?!) I am loving little touches of ruffles on anything!


Fall Trend: Faux Suede

One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six

Suede seems like it’s always a fall trend, but this year it’s so much more prominent! I am seeing suede everywhere and LOVING it! So obsessed with those faux suede leggings. They would be adorable with a chunky, oversized sweater. Also loving faux suede ball caps for cute, casual looks.

Dramatic Sleeves

Fall Trends: Volume/Dramatic Sleeves

One | Two | Three | Four | Five

SLEEVES! Dramatic, flowy, fun, show-stopping sleeves are everywhere! I am loving volume sleeves for fall. From cardigans to sweaters to dresses, you can’t go wrong with a little drama.

There are just so many beautiful fall trends to be excited about! I hope this fall trend guide was helpful and gave you a bit of style inspiration! What are your favorite trends? Drop them below. XO!

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  1. So many great pics of dresses etc. I love the silky navy dress and the black dress on the fifth group of apparel. Both so classy and elegant as with the rest of your choices 🙂

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