The Best Gifts for the Guys

Hey everyone! SO happy to be back in action on the blog! Let me tell you – moving during the holiday season is no easy task! But I am so excited to wrap up the year with some fun content and then share my new space with you! Toady, I’m switching things up and passing off this post to my boyfriend, Ilir! What better way to find out what the guys REALLY want for the holidays than to have him take over? Hope you enjoy! XO

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Hey everyone! For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Ilir (AKA Kylie’s photographer, OH – and boyfriend!). Ever since Ky started Little Looks & Big Pictures, I have always wanted to help by more than just taking her pictures and that time has finally come! I am beyond thrilled to help with this year Gift Guide for the Guys!

1.‘Tis is the season for bourbon, and this bourbon cedar shave cream is the perfect stocking stuffer.

2. & 11. Socks… the gift guys did not want when they were boys but absolutely love now that they are men! Nicer socks are always a great gift because it is something men will not buy for themselves. (If they do not come in packs of six or more, forget it – right?). Just ask Ky! All of my fun, high-quality, and cozy socks were gifted from her, and I love them all!

3. Another things guys have a hard time splurging on… skin care! Let your girls have fun working their magic and finding you exactly what you need. Kylie has gotten me lots of Clinique products and they all are amazing.

4. Cologne is the perfect holiday gift! I have used Ralph Lauren Blue for YEARS and it is such a great clean and classic scent.

5. You can’t ever go wrong with getting a watch. In the past, Kylie has gotten me two classic watches that I wear all of the time. If you already have enough dressier watches, you can always ask for a specialty watch too. I absolutely LOVE my Apple Watch! The features make life that much easier: from tracking your runs to quickly previewing a message, it does wonders. I coach college football so I am always on the move going into meetings, running to practice, or even hitting the road to recruit. Being able to check my wrist definitely allows life to be less hectic and keep me in the game (pun intended). You can also add different bands to your wishlist so you can go from the field to date night!

6. Warm and cozy gloves are something every guy appreciates and they make the perfect holiday gift. These Ugg ones have such a sleek look but are so warm.

7. Men love RTIC and YETI Coolers! They leave drinks cold for hours and are very durable. This RTIC is so similar to Yeti, but slightly less. Whatever you choose, they are both worth the money!

8. Toiletry bags are another item that men hardly ever buy for themselves – so it is the perfect thing to add to your wishlist and let your lady find the perfect one. This travel toiletry bag has been so good to me! Its firm structure allows for creams and lotions to not explode and has quite a few pockets! Awesome for travel!

9. Men love comfortability. I stress that all the time… Ky can attest to that one! There are not many boots out there that are stylish but also comfortable – but these Lems Leather Boulder Boots sure are! Lems takes pride on comfortability and flexibility! I think I speak for all men when I say sign us up!

10. Another piece of clothing that men typically don’t buy for themselves: pajamas! But once they get a pair they will wear them nonstop! I have had my football pajamas for quite some time and I love them! I love them so much I actually told Ky that if she gifted me other pajamas, I wouldn’t wear them until my football pajamas were no longer wearable. Just kidding, if she got a pair of these pajama joggers I would wear the heck out of them! They are trendy and would especially be great to wear with some fun festive cozy socks!

Other Gift Ideas: 

  • Headphones
    • Bluetooth wireless headphones are now the answer when it comes to working out, traveling, or just listening to music! Wired headphones are aged now. I mean, who wants a cord? It only gets in the way!
  • Beard Trimmer
    • Here we go with another item men typically will not splurge on themselves for. The best feature on this beard trimmer is the built in vacuum! It allows for him to have a cleaner look while taking care of the mess at the same time. Sounds like a win-win to me!
  • Cold Weather Accessories
    • A neutral and fashionable winter hat goes a long way in keeping his noggin warm. Another essential that a man should own is a nice pair of leather gloves. Especially the grip that comes with leather winter gloves while driving on the road. The last touch to withstand a chilly date night is a scarf! Cashmere scarves are the way to go and are a great look to top off the hat-glove combo.
  • Event Tickets
    • Ky will tell you that some of my favorite things to do in life are go to fun events! Ky took me to comedy show at Second City in Chicago last year and I LOVED IT! Tickets to a sporting event (hockey, basketball, or playoff football game) or theater show (comedy or musical) could end up being a great gift for him!

Thanks for reading all of my holiday gift ideas! I hope they treat you well!

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