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Duvet Cover | Duvet/Down Comforter | Sheets | Pink Blanket | White Quilt (similar) | Dark Grey Shams | Pillows | Throw Pillows (similar) | Mattress | Bed Frame | Bedside Table (DIY) | Chest (DIY) | Lamp | Lamp Shade

I am SO excited to finally share with you part one of my APARTMENT TOUR! Today I’m showing you my “bedroom” in my little studio (ha – city probs!). A studio can feel much more like a home if you create useful and livable spaces through your layout. While I don’t want to give away too much of my apartment reveal just yet (because there are MANY more blog posts to come detailing just about everything!), I do want to show you how my main area is laid out. I created a “bedroom” and a “living room” all within my open space by arranging my furniture to section off different livable spaces. Today, I am focusing on my “bedroom.” In my opinion, your bedroom is one of the BEST places to splurge and buy those pricier products. You spend so much of your life in your bed and you deserve to climb into cozy sheets on a mattress you love. However, there is only so much money (especially if this is a first apartment!), so it is KEY to mix highs and lows. Below I have included my shopping guide that uses three dollar signs to represent items worthy of a splurge and one dollar sign to represent an item that you can save some money on.

Bedroom Shopping Guide for Mixing Highs and Lows

  • Bedding: $$$
    • Duvet: $$$
    • Duvet Cover: $$
    • Sheets: $$$
    • Pillows: $/$$
    • Sham Pillow Cases: $/$$
    • Throw Pillows: $
  • Furniture: $/$$
    • Bed frame: $$
    • Bedside table: $
    • Chest: $
    • Lamp: $
    • Lamp shade: $
    • Decor: $


Grey Pillowcases

Duvet Cover | Duvet/Down Comforter | Sheets | Pink Blanket | White Quilt (similar) | Dark Grey Shams | Pillows | Throw Pillows (similar) | Mattress

INVEST in your bedding! You won’t regret it! I spent quite a while saving up and making the purchases to complete a bed of my dreams. I absolutely LOVE how cozy it is, and the neutrals make it so timeless, which will really help me get my money’s worth.

Duvet/Down Comforter: Invest in a great duvet. It will last you YEARS. Buying a nice one will keep you from having to buy another for 10-15 years and it will make such a difference in the look and the feel of your bed. Duvets give your bed that luxurious volume and they are incredibly warm.

Duvet Cover: Your duvet cover can change as you change and they also make a big statement in your room. I invested in a slightly pricier duvet cover since I LOVED the design and I also chose a neutral, which I hope will last me longer. However, I still know eventually I will want to switch it out. The best part about duvet covers is that luxurious duvet you splurged on can carry on with you to the next cover.

TIP: Buy a duvet cover that has ties on the inside corners. It will keep your duvet from sliding around in it.

Pillows: Don’t buy the cheapest pillows, but you also don’t need to buy the most expensive ones out there. I absolutely LOVE mine and if you keep your eye out for a sale, they are incredibly reasonable.

Sheets & Pillow Cases: SPLURGE! Do it! Even if your duvet cover isn’t that soft, your sheets are what touch your skin, so they make all the difference. I chose white because they are timeless, easily washable, and I don’t have to worry about skincare products bleaching my pillow cases. Nice sheets will also last you a long time!

Quilt & Blanket: I keep a blanket tucked in between my sheet and duvet cover for extra warmth and for a fun pop of pink. I also love keeping a white quilt (similar) at the end of my end for style and extra warmth if needed.

Sham Pillow Cases: I think every bed requires at least six pillows, haha! I love the volume it adds to your bed.

TIP: This is the best place to mix textures, prints, and color for extra interest. I LOVE mine because of the darker grey tone and the embroidered design.

Throw Pillows: Throw pillows add a lot of character to your bed, but you can absolutely save some money here by buying throws that are under $30 or even $20.

Mattress: Last but not least, your mattress is so important! That being said, you don’t need the top of the line mattress to still love it. However, I would also suggest not buying the cheapest one. Someone in the middle is a safe bet, and always test the mattress out.

TIP: Something I learned while mattress shopping is that the position in which you sleep determines how soft or firm of a mattress you should buy. I sleep on my side, so I got a medium firmness mattress. I was a little hesitant, because I preferred a firm mattresses when I tested them, but I trusted the salesman and went with the medium since he said long-term, that is what will be the most comfortable, and he was RIGHT! I sleep so well on it.

Furniture & Decor 


Styling an Apartment Bedroom

DIY Bedside Table Budget Friendly Apartment FurnitureBedside Decor

Bed Frame | Bedside Table (DIY) | Chest (DIY) | Lamp | Lamp Shade |

Okay, HERE is where you save the money! Most of my bedroom pieces are the result of some old furniture and a little paint. Stay tuned  – there will be blog posts outlining how I did it all soon. I had so much fun creating these pieces, and now they all have sweet soft spots in my heart. The other pieces that were not DIY-ed are still very budget friendly, too.

Bed Frame: Wayfair is such a great site for looking for bed frames! Other great sites are Ikea, Overstock, Target, and Macy’s. I searched these all and found lots of great options before I landed on mine.

Furniture: If you are interested in DIY-ing your furniture, keep an eye out at garage sales, antique fairs, and Goodwill, or talk to your friends and family to see if there is anything they are wanting to get rid of. Sign up for emails to the right of this post so you don’t miss my DIY posts that will be up soon!

Lamp / Lamp Shades: You can also find old lamps at the same places mentioned above, and all you have to do is replace the lamp shade. I did this with all of my lamps and loved Target’s supply of lamp shades.

Decor: You can find bedroom decor that is very budget friendly at all of your favorite home decor stores: Target, Macy’s, Nordstrom, Nordstrom Rack, TJ Maxx, Home Goods, Marshall’s, World Market, Ikea… just to name a few! 😉

I am so excited to get started with showing you my new home sweet home! If you have any questions, feel free to drop them below. Stay tuned because I have LOTS more content to come! Thanks for reading! XO

32 thoughts on “How to Mix Highs & Lows While Styling Your Bedroom”

  1. Kylie, so in love with your first peek into your new place! Such a great blog post with great tips for anyone starting out or wanting to change up what they already have! Can’t wait to see more posts!

    1. Thanks so much, Cathy!! So sweet of you! Funny thing is… when I got the chest (spoiler: at a garage sale!) I didn’t even know what a hope chest was! This sweet lady taught me all about it and I LOVE it! Blog post to come soon on how I DIY-ed it! 🙂 And thanks so much!

  2. Such a beautiful room! I love what you did with the small space and the textures on your bed are so cute. Really really lovely.

  3. So funny! At first I was like “WOW your bedroom is huge!!” Then I saw that you live in a studio — and I can totally relate, as my first on-my-own apartment was a studio too. This is such a great post, I love your choices on the pieces to splurge on. I agree that great sheets and pillowcases can instantly make a bedroom look chic and luxe. Yours definitely does!

    1. Awhh thank you so much! That’s so kind of you! Studios are great for first apartments – they are so cozy and cute and you can make it exactly what you want. Thanks so much for your kind words and for reading! XO

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