How to Wear Pastels Pastels are my favorite colors to style because I LOVE a pretty, feminine look. However, not all pastels need to be styled in a feminine way. The great part about blush is that it can be styled with classic whites, girly pastels, or edgy darks.

Tips for Styling Pastels:

  • Pair with white– you simply can’t go wrong!

My favorite way to style a pastel color is to pair with white jeans a white skirt, or any other white staple piece. It is so effortless and chic! Check out some style inspiration here and here.

  • Mix and match textures.

Especially for fall, grabbing a cozy knit pastel immediately softens your look and transitions it into the perfect fall piece.

  • Pair with black for a bold look.

Pairing with a bold dark will add some edginess to your look. How gorgeous would this lace cami look with this leather jacket?

  • Add a pop of color in the same tone.

If you have a light pink top, add a pop of hot pink that has some undertones. This will keep your outfit looking coordinated but will add some depth to your color choice.

  • Add a pop of color that contrasts.

If you’re struggling to find a pop of color that has the same undertones, then grab an accessory that is the total opposite. This especially works well in summer when you feel confident in your bold colors!

  • Add an olive green

I LOVE light pinks and light blues with olive green, which is perfect for transitioning to fall. Grab some olive green pants or a great jacket like this and tone your pastels down for fall. Do you have other ways you like styling pastels? Comment below! Thanks for reading and have a great week! XO!

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