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One of the things I love most about blogging is the sense of community I feel with every step I take in the style and beauty world. When I try out a new product, I no longer feel like I’m just trying it for myself; I feel like I am trying it for SO many people and I owe everyone my honest and true opinion! If I am lucky enough to have readers come to my site to read what I have to say, I want to share with them insightful opinions and inspiring ideas.

Last week, I received an AMAZING package of products from tarte, one of my all time FAVORITE beauty companies EVER! So, I was basically living a dream while opening up this incredible package. *Insert heart-eye emoji* I could not have been more excited to dive in and try out these products, but I noticed my heart was racing in a different way than it normally does when I get excited about a new gift or purchase – I was SO excited to try out these products to share them with my readers! As I looked at each and every product in the box, I thought about how my readers would love these products and I could incorporate them into posts that would help my readers create beauty routines.

For the first time ever, I realized that I was more excited about sharing my findings to my amazing followers than I was to try out the products myself! And I think THAT is when you know you’ve fully embraced a blogger mentality.

Thinking through all of these feelings made me realize I want to share so much more with you all about the latest and greatest products I am using in my life that I just can’t get enough of! From a new pair of shoes to a life-changing concealer to my favorite tea I’m currently sipping on, I want to share with you all the products I am loving lately.

And so, I am creating a new series called, “Latest & Greatest!” You can find it all first by following along on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, and then these lovely products will get recapped here on the blog!

Can’t wait to get started with this new series! Follow along on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest and sign up for email alerts on my latest posts in the side bar to the right.

Hope you have a wonderful week! XO

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