Most days, my outfit is determined by ease and simplicity. I hate to say this, because I live for dressing up and I will find any excuse to do it! But as a student, time is limited in the mornings and there really isn’t a strong motivation to look ultra-sophisticated for class.

However, there is something that feels so amazing when you are in an outfit you love! I am a huge believer that an outfit can be a day-changer. “Look good, feel good,” is oh-so-real. But finding an outfit that looks put-together and also accomplishes the convenience factor can be challenging.

A chunky sweater and a denim jacket with a big scarf seems to be the answer to my problems. This combination looks so put-together, but is so simple. The sweater and scarf give you the perfect amount of coziness and the splash of denim adds just enough edginess to the outfit. Plus, these pieces can easily be dressed up or down a bit, depending on pant and shoe choice. I pieced together my look with leggings and leather boots for an easy travel look this weekend.

Cozy Knits and Denim Casual Look

Cozy Knits and Denim Casual Look

Cozy Knits and Denim Casual Look

Cozy Knits and Denim Casual Look

Cozy Knits and Denim Casual LookCozy Knits and Denim Casual Look

Shop The Look:

Denim Jacket: I got this jacket a while ago from Old Navy, but this is another great basic denim jacket, also from Old Navy, and this is an amazing distressed one from Lulu’s.

Sweater: This sweater is $15 and comes in FOUR colors! After buying this one recently, I am seriously about to order the rest of them! It is not itchy at all and fits wonderfully! I typically order a size small but I got a size medium, and I LOVE the slightly oversized look.

Leggings: These leggings are from Aerie and I LOVE them! They combat all of the common faults in leggings: see-through-ness, ripping at the seams, baggy waistbands, etc. None of these are an issue! Plus, they are only $15, and you can typically get them for around $10 when they are on sale. Also, a side note on Aerie: I am a huge believer in them. I LOVE the continuous use of their #AerieReal campaign and I really appreciate their lack of retouching and Photoshopping. Plus, their designs are looking so much more upscale; I am getting major Anthropologie or Urban Outfitters vibes from them, but with their own feminine touch. They are on a serious upswing.

Boots: The Franco Sarto boots I am wearing are older, but here is a really similar pair. My pair has held up for YEARS and they are my most comfortable pair of boots, so I highly recommend!

Handbag: My cross body is from Kate Spade and I use it ALL of the time. It is the perfect size! Here, here, and here are similar ones.

Sunnies: The sunglasses are from Target and you will NEVER see me spend more than $50 on a pair of sunglasses because I lose them way too much. (Whoops.) Here are similar ones.

Hope you enjoyed this look! Thanks for reading! XOXO!

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