Charleston Trip

Charleston Day Trip

Charleston Architecture

Charleston Architecture

Trip to Charleston

Charleston Day Trip

Charleston has been at the top of my travel bucket list for quite some time! Ever since my boyfriend, Ilir, moved to South Carolina, I have been dying to make a trip over to Charleston, which is about three hours away from him. This weekend, we were down in Savannah, Georgia for some much-needed sun and ocean time. Just when I thought our amazing weekend was coming to an end, Ilir found a way to make it even better! (Shoutout to him!)

I’m a hard person to surprise. I pay attention to little details and I know when something is off. But Ilir got me this time! He’s just lucky I’m horrible with directions and don’t know any highways in the South (and that I was too busy babbling that I didn’t hear his phone say, “Getting your directions to Charleston, South Carolina,” haha!) Instead of driving straight back, Ilir rerouted us to Charleston, and I didn’t know about this little surprise until the Charleston signs started popping up! He got me… but I am so glad he did! So we stopped and spent the day in Charleston, and let me tell you, it is GORGEOUS. We hadn’t even left before I was asking when we could go back!

We were only there for about five hours, but it was incredible how much we saw and loved! Today I wanted to share with you a couple of highlights from our mini-trip and then ask YOU for advice for future trips!

Trip Highlights

The Architecture 

When we arrived in Charleston, we parked near the Battery, one of Charleston’s most beloved and historic spots at the tip of the Charleston peninsula. The architecture in the area was like nothing I’ve ever seen before. It was GORGEOUS. On your right you had the most stunning homes and on your left you had the ocean. What is there not to love?

Charleston Architecture

The Food 

Ilir and I were so captivated by Charleston’s beauty, we momentarily forgot about food! Eventually, we both realized we were starving and needed to find somewhere to grab a quick bite.  With no research or plan, we stumbled on 549 King Street Public House in the Harleston Village and it did not disappoint! The rest of our day we spent walking around and spotting more food places we would love to try! Too much good food! 🙂

549 King Street Public House Charleston
I got the Southwestern Salad and Ilir got the King St. Burger.

The Shops

Oh my goodness, the Charleston boutiques were some of the cutest I have ever seen! If I wasn’t already out of suitcase space, I probably would have bought everything I saw! Note to self: only pack half a suitcase next time…or bring a second empty one! 🙂

Charleston Boutique
Ask Ilir- Every boutique that had some sort of creative or mysterious entrance, we went in! 😉

The Drinks and Dessert

Charleston’s unique charm definitely shines through in their fun dessert bars and drink spots! Ilir and I made a stop at Camella’s Cafe and Dessert Bar and LOVED it! I got a Peach Bellini that had peach sorbet, peach vodka, and champagne. Easily one of the best drinks I’ve ever had! If we weren’t still so full from lunch, we probably would have eaten every dessert they had. This is definitely a place I would love to go back to on our return visit!

Carmells's Cafe and Dessert Bar in Charleston
I got the Peach Bellini- YUM!

The Markets and Food/Popsicle Trucks

We visited Charleston on a Sunday so we got to see their cute in-town markets full creative vendors! We loved walking through and seeing more of their local artistic culture. Plus, there were so many popsicle trucks that saved our lives in that 90 degree heat!

Charleston Popsicle Truck
Us and our watermelon mojito popsicle!

The Outfits

Every couple of seconds, Ilir heard the words, “Look at that cute outfit!” We got to the point where he started pointing them out to me too, and he was spot on in knowing which outfits I would love! They were so classically southern and preppy and I just adored all of the ruffles, bell sleeves, gingham and lace!

The Photo Ops

Speaking of outfits, every outfit needs a good background, and Charleston doesn’t run out of those!

Charleston Bloggers

The Views

Charleston is gorgeous. What else can I say?

Charleston Day Trip

We absolutely loved our quick trip in Charleston and I can’t wait to go back! Even though we were total newbies with no knowledge on what to do, we definitely made the most of our sneak peak of this gorgeous town. Now I want to hear from you: Have you been to or live in Charleston? What MUST we see, do, eat, and drink next time? Thank you so much! XO!

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  1. What an amazing boyfriend you have! That is so sweet of him. Isn’t Charleston the absolute best?!

    Much love,
    Ashley |

  2. I haven’t been to Charleston is so long, but I need to pronto after seeing this post! I love how you tried a food place and ending up loving it. This is so great, thanks for sharing this post. 🙂

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