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Hydrating with VitaminWater

Healthy Skin Care Habits

As you all know, I LOVE exploring different skin care strategies. From seeking out products to making lifestyle changes, I will go pretty far to take care of my skin. Recently, I have been paying closer attention to my dietary habits and it has made such a difference! I’ve also learned that so many pesky skin conditions can be helped with simple ingredients from your kitchen! So set aside your serums and spot treatments and take care of your skin the naturally, first!

Here are some tips and tricks I have gathered to help you take care of your skin, even before grabbing your skin care products:

  • Hydrate

Hydrating helps with everything. Have a headache? Hydrate. Muscle soreness? Hydrate. So really it comes with no surprise that hydrating also helps your skin dramatically! In all honesty, I am horrible at hydrating. If you’re anything like me, switching up your source of hydration can be so helpful in hitting your hydration goals! Next time you are at your local Target, pick up a vitaminwater for a delicious drink packed with electrolytes and vitamins! More on this below.

  • Cut back on dairy and sugar

Dairy and sugar might be delicious, but they can really irritate your skin! I have noticed dairy to especially have a negative effect on my skin, often causing a lot of breakouts. I try to swap coconut or almond milk for regular milk whenever I can. But who are we kidding? I’m not cutting cheese!

  • Stop touching your skin

My mom tells me this every single day. It is SO hard to not touch your face, but this little change keeps so much bacteria off your face, and your skin will thank you for it!

  • Balance your time in the sun with shade

A lot of people will say to avoid the sun and run towards shade, but I think that is a little bit extreme, especially if you are a sun-lover like me! Instead, I try to balance my time outdoors with some sun and some shade (but also with a lot of sunscreen!). Be extra protective of your face and eyes by wearing hats and sunglasses. These areas are the first to show wrinkles!

  • Pre-cleanse with coconut oil

Pre-cleansing before you wash your face is becoming such a skin care trend, and for great reason! Instead of grabbing a $20 bottle of pre-cleansing oil, coconut oil can work really well for some skin types too, and you can grab it out of your kitchen counter now!

  • Create your own masks at home

There are SO many at-home mask ideas for those nights where you want to kick up your skin care regime a notch, but don’t have a mask on-hand. I really love making masks with honey, baking soda, and lemon. The smell isn’t the greatest, but it helps with breakouts and built-up grime. My skin always feels so soft afterwards!

I hope you enjoyed these skincare tips! Following a healthy diet and keeping your skin extra clean can dramatically increase the effectiveness of your normal skin care regimen.

More on vitaminwater

As promised, here is more on vitaminwater! Hydration is the most important factor in skin care I have found, outside of serums and lotions, and this stuff makes hydrating so much more fun, plus it has antioxidants and vitamins. Are you on board with the vitaminwater craze? Share a Shelf Selfie and you can get 15% off your vitaminwater purchase at Target! Here’s how:

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Shelf Selfie Vitamin Water

Thanks so much for reading! XO

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  1. Love this so much! I definitely need to stop touching my face, thanks for the helpful reminder. Hope summer is treating you so so well!

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