Hi everyone!

Thank you so much for checking out my new blog! I am so excited to be finally be entering the blogging world and I am incredibly enthusiastic about pouring my heart into this creative outlet! I can’t wait to use this site as a unique space that brings together simple and feminine fashion and lifestyle trends (little looks) with daring and meaningful ideas (big pictures). The littlest things in life have a way of making my heart race and my mind spin with ideas, so it only seems right to have a blog that connects the small things to the big things in life.

My goal for Little Looks & Big Pictures is to bring together the incredible and creative ideas that fill the world while adding my own thoughts and creative angles to these amazing concepts. I hope to create a site that will serve as inspiration and might just put a smile on your face, too! As you make your way through and follow along with my blog, you will see my favorite elements of fashion, lifestyle, and everything in between. Thank you again for checking out my site and happy reading!



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